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Be welcome to play the Heroes of Okarine.

This was the first game ever we and my friends created. The idea of the game is to be a "defend the objective" game.

You are Hercules, one of the Heroes that the Okarine, a magical relic instrument, summoned to defend it against an horde of zombies.

The idea of the game is to be a multiplayer 2D defender game

---------- UPDATE 0.0.2 --------------

- Now, multiplayer is enabled for 3 players! First player will be on the keyboard, and the others just need to plug the gamepads to join the game.

- Wave system implemented. The number of zombies spawned will be increased over the waves. The more players on the game, more faster they will spawn.

- Counters on the top of the screen, below the Okarine's health.

- New Physics engine. More fluid jumps.

- Music, composed by myself and my guitar

- Sprites for the Okarine being destroyed (50% health it changes).

- A little change on the controllers: Spacebar now is the jump, instead of W.

------ Things to come ---------

- New characters

- support for 5 players

- more types of enemies.

- New level design

- Carry the Okarine around

- New attacks.

-> Keyboard Controllers -----

AD - Left, Right

Spacebar - Jump

Left Mouse - Attack

-> Gamepad Controllers ------

Left Stick - Movement

RB - Attack

X - Jump


Heroes of Okarine 0.0.2.exe 3 MB

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